Boost your health career by mastering English


  • Type: Instructor-Led Training

  • Client: UPEC (Université Paris-Est Créteil)

  • Date: 2021

  • Onsite and online training

Tools & Resources

  • PowerPoint

  • Zoom

  • AHAslides


  • 7TAPS


  • Instructor-Led Training

  • Instructional Design

  • eLearning Development



One crucial duty of any healthcare professional is to constantly share and debate with their peers in order to upskill their knowledge and skills and to hone their critical thinking. To do so, they need to master every aspect of English communication.

This instructor-led training was designed based on real-case scenarios related to common situations that healthcare experts experience during their career. The goal of this intervention was to give insights on how to boost your career using English by sharing experience, tips, and resources. The training was facilitated both online and onsite by mixing PowerPoint, AHAslides (online), informal discussion throughout each scenario, and by providing a collaborative resource center built on (click on the link to access the resource page). A takeway was also available as a microlearning experience using 7Taps (scan the QR code to live the 7TAPS experience).